Call for submissions

Museum of European Realities

To all Europeans: we are looking for photos, films and stories of the daily life of a European!

Many of us know the grand story of Europe. Modern Europe was born on the Parisian barricades in 1789, the European ideal destroyed itself between 1914 and 1945 and from the ashes of two world wars rose European cooperation as we know it today. This is a centralised, uniform story. Most Europeans’ lives, however, do not take place on that level, but are more localised: a Sunday picnic in the park with family, stuck in traffic along the way to work or with a drink with team mates in the club canteen, to mention but a few examples. We would like to show the similarities, as well as the differences in the everyday life of Europeans.

We are looking to put together an exhibition for the opening of the new faculty building of the University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân, planned for the end of 2019. In Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, the old “Beurs” building has been refurbished as an educational building for the twenty-first century. We are looking for photos, films and stories that capture the daily life of people from all over Europe. Themes that these can address include:

  • Work;
  • Free time and relaxation;
  • Sports and games;
  • Parties; 
  • Travel;
  • Food and drink;
  • Mobility and transportation;
  • Boundaries and borderlessness;
  • The city and the country.

This exhibition is put together through crowdsourcing. Maybe you already have material you would like to submit, or maybe you’re excited to take to the streets especially for us. Or perhaps you’ve got a photo album from your (grand)parents with beautiful, old material. You do? Send it to us!

Submit your photo, video or story before 1 September 2019. You can reach us via Note: the better the quality of your file, the more likely we are to make it part of the exhibition.


By sending us your material, you give us the right to use it in the exhibition in the Beurs building and possible later exhibitions. We cannot reimburse you for your submission, but will do our best that your name is always mentioned. You remain free to use the material yourself, too.

We are trying to get our call for submissions translated in as many European languages as we can. Below you can find the languages we already have. More will come – watch this space!

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